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About MS Gupta

We, M/s Gupta Foils are rising and thriving in national markets at an impressive pace under the profound & visionary leadership of Mr. Manish Gupta. Our sheer purpose is to serve the industries and individuals with the finest grade of Aluminium foil materials, machines & related items. For this, we are operating efficiently as a manufacturer in the industry. The line offered by us contains Jars Aluminium Foil Seals, Plain Aluminium Foil Rolls, Heat Seal Aluminium Foil Lids, Induction Sealing Wads, Aluminium Cap Foils Jar Sealing Machine and more items.


Working with M/S Gupta Foils has been a game-changer for our packaging needs. Their professionalism and commitment to quality are unparalleled. The aluminium foil materials we receive, including the Jars Aluminium Foil Seals and Induction Sealing Wads, have helped us maintain the freshness and integrity of our products.

Mr. Rahul Verma CEO - NutriFoods Pvt. Ltd.

Gupta Foils has become an integral part of our pharmaceutical packaging solutions. The Plain Aluminium Foil Rolls and Heat Seal Aluminium Foil Lids they provide are of exceptional quality. The reliability they offer, especially in meeting urgent demands, is commendable. Their dedication to maintaining industry standards is evident, and we trust them for our packaging needs.

Dr. Maya Singh Head Pharmacist - Medix Pharmaceuticals

The efficiency of Gupta Foils' Aluminium Cap Foils Jar Sealing Machine has significantly streamlined our production process. The professionalism they exhibit in their services is impressive. Their products, like the Aluminium Cap Foils, have helped us maintain the aromatic richness of our spices. We appreciate their commitment to excellence.

Ms. Sneha Patel Production Manager - SpiceWorld Industries

For the cosmetics industry, maintaining product integrity and appeal is crucial. Gupta Foils' Plain Aluminium Foil Rolls and Aluminium Cap Foils have been instrumental in achieving this for us. Their focus on honesty and integrity aligns well with our brand values. We are proud to partner with them for our packaging needs.

Mr. Kartik Verma Operations Director - BeautyBliss Cosmetics

Gupta Foils' dedication to quality is evident in their products like Induction Sealing Wads. As a company in the agrochemical sector, we rely on secure and tamper-evident packaging, and Gupta Foils delivers just that. Their commitment to employee development and ethical business practices is commendable and resonates with our values.

Mrs. Meera Joshi Plant Manager - GreenFields AgroChem

To learn more about our products or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us. Discover why Gupta Foils is the preferred choice for high-quality aluminium foils in India.